We Are Just Cubes

We’re building a platform that can support you as you grow. Why settle for less?

Adam Andrews

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

The wildest yet most business minded of the bunch. Enjoys racing cars, motorcycles, and action sports.

Professionally he has been in the business, marketing, and e-commerce space for 10 years.

Has successfully helped build, scale, and sell several businesses. Currently helping build an advertising agency outside of the crypto space.

A goal of his is to build a Metaverse Ads Platform for IRL companies & NFT projects to advertise in metaverses.


Jacob Johnson

Founder & Game Dev Manager

The most degen of the group. Cronic! He’s a father of 1 and a loving husband who has been in the crypto space for 2+ years.

Our gaming development is completely run by Cronic. He is very innovative and always full of new awesome ideas.

He is an inventor at heart and is extremely excited about the opportunities this space has to offer not only to him but for others to express themselves.

Probably busy learning about a new anti-cheat, making friends in gen chat, or Degening into a shitcoin. Without Cronic, the project would not be possible.

AKA: King Degen


Alec Turung

Founder, Project Manager, & Artist

Alec has loads of experience in project management. Since graduating with an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering his focus has turned to law school.

He is a powerhouse when it comes to thinking critically about situations and guiding the project in the right direction.

Loves action sports, traveling, and cooking amongst other activities.

Not to mention he has MOD experience from other NFT projects in the space so he knows how things flow.